Embroidered dress material

In the present era, we expect quick deliveries and readymade products. Same day delivery is the only way we would expect while shopping online if we had such an option. At the same time, we expect the best fitting and a ready-to-wear product. But do we ever get that? How many companies offer same day delivery? How many times you bought something and it fit you correctly? There’s always something that’s missing. Guess what! It will never happen if you start buying embroidered dress material.
Think of a beautiful embroidered kurti you want to wear but instead of the purchase of a ready-made piece, you get it embroidered on a sheet of fabric and then get it stitched from your favorite tailor. It’s an excellent choice and here’s why.
1. Skip the alteration part: First and foremost, you’ll not need any adjustments. When you shop for readymade dresses, two things may happen – either it’s tight, or it’s loose. In the former case, you can’t do anything but go on a diet and hope to lose some weight. In the latter case, you will rush to your tailor and ask him to fix the dress for you.

Think about the cost! You paid for a readymade garment and then paid extra for alteration. Is it worth it? Most of the times, it doesn’t even fit nicely enough. What’s the point of that exercise? Why not act smart and buy embroidered dress material instead of a stitched embroidered dress?

2. Better selection: When you go for dress material instead of readymade clothes, you open yourself to a lot of possibilities. You can opt for different kinds of necklines, sleeves, length and styles. You will never have to stick to one kind of embroidered dress if you buy embroidered dress material.
3. Add-ons: Whenever you mom wants to buy embroidered dress material, she doesn’t even think of readymade clothes as an option. Why do you think it happens? Why does she prefer dress material than already stitched suits? It’s because our moms are apt at picking excellent add-ons that can make a dress look hundred times better. All those add-ons can be easily added during the stitching. However, if the dress is stitched and then you try to put some add-ons like laces or latkans, the possibilities decrease to almost the half.
4. Change the bottoms style: If you shop for a full two-piece embroidered dress online, you would be stuck with one kind of bottoms that some random designers picked while designing that particular dress. You can never experiment. You wouldn’t get a chance to have it according to your body type. That dress will be such a waste of money – at least that bottom will be. That’s why you should pick embroidered dress material.
I don’t want to make it sound biased. There are several advantages of buying readymade dresses like not having to rush to the tailor or getting products quick. But it’s up to you to see the kind of benefits you want for yourself. Whatever you feel is better for you win. The results will always differ from person to person.
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