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How do you prefer to shop for the latest dresses to add to your collection? Be it ethnic wear or western wear, the online shopping dress trends in India are changing. How people shop, where people shop, what do they buy, what do they look for while shopping is all about to change? Or it wouldn’t be too early to say that it’s already changing.

Instead of going to a nearby market, people prefer online dress shopping. There could be several reasons behind that. One of the is the cheap price offerings. 
If we consider the state of Indian e-commerce giants, they’re battling with one another to give the best discounts. It’s a failed act, though. It’s completely illogical to sell below the cost price and bear a loss on every purchase. Due to high funding, such e-commerce giants can cope up with this bizarre business strategy. But it won’t be long when they realize their mistake. The fact that a lot of them have started charging for delivery below an order of certain price is a sign that the trends are changing. 

A lot of customers have got wind of this subtle change, but it hasn’t affected their online dress shopping patterns. The change in their behaviors is their preferences and their eye for detail. No customer buys these days without reviews. There are website reviews, blog reviews and video reviews that are being consumed by customers at a high rate. They have become informed shoppers these days.

At the same time, customers prefer clothing according to latest fashion trends. No one goes for online dress shopping to buy the old pieces. The off-shoulders, velvet, sequins, Victoria flares and all such patterns are common knowledge to an average woman shopping in India. She might not be into reading fashion magazines or blogs, but she will still consume a lot of this information through social media. Therefore, online sellers have no choice but to become smart when it comes to online dress shopping. They have to be quick at adopting the new trends and promoting them at the right time. These trends change on a monthly basis. Yes, it’s happening in India.

An average customer has also become more particular about finding something ‘unique.' Either it’s the latest trend or the bait of limited stock. Customized product manufacturers like Yoko24 are facing the best for their business. It’s the time when women prefer personalized clothes than a bestselling piece. Men are not behind in having such demands. The rise of men fashion bloggers in India and changes in preferences of people is a sign that the same thing is going to happen at a larger rate in men’s fashion world as well.

That’s the curious case of online dress shopping in India. What are your thoughts about it?


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