Embroidered Kurtis
Are you buying new embroidered dress material for the upcoming event that’s very special to you? Good luck with the Online shopping dress. But wait! Have you ever shopped without your mom or your grand mom? They surely are apt at buying such beautiful dresses but are you?
If not, here are some tips to help you. It’s a compilation of my tips and tricks, questions to ask before you buy and some general information about embroidered dress material.
What kind of embroidery you want?
Think of what kind of embroidered dress material you want. There are several kinds of embroidered dresses available in the market. A quick search on Google would let you know of the top types of embroideries. I suggest that you pick one of those as they’ll be readily available and comparatively cheaper (of course, the point isn’t valid if you deliberately want a costly piece to add up to your list of most prized possessions).
The kind of embroidery also affects the care requirements. For example, zari embroidery gets easily damaged by machine wash, and it’s almost always recommended that you get those dresses dry cleaned. But we all know that wearing dry-cleaned clothes on a daily basis isn’t something everyone can afford. Right? Simple resham thread embroidery is very easy to maintain. You can find plenty of examples for this but when shopping, all you have to do is ask for this info or just read it in the description (if you’re shopping online). Get kurtis for girls from most famous online shopping website.
Color of the embroidery
I can tell you from my experience that you should never buy a light colored dress with magenta embroidery. Why? Because no matter how top-quality the thread is, this color almost always leaves stains when washed. Dry-cleaning may give different results. So, consider this fact before buying.
When shopping online, you’re helpless with this but when you go for shopping for embroidered dress material, from your local store, just carefully ****yze the embroidery. If the threads are coming loose already or if the design is not aligned properly, don’t buy that dress.
What area should it cover?
Always consider what kind of embroidery will suit your body or your personal preference. For example, women with heavy bust shouldn’t wear dresses with heavy embroidery around that area. A dress with embroidery all over it will be hefty and can never be used for normal use no matter how subtle it seems otherwise.
There you go! I spilled all the beans I had regarding the topic of embroidered dress material shopping. Make an informed decision because the money you’re going to spend matters, and you better spend it on good things that look good on you. Good luck!
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