Look slim in Kurtis
We all are bored of wearing the party wear kurtis the same old way. That Anarkali and western kurti (that is a one-piece dress or that's what millennials used to call them) are just overrated. Or maybe they’re too common to make a good impression.
I am going to share some innovative ideas to style party wear kurtis. I am not saying I invented those, or they were just developed now but hey! Do you care more about what words I use or what I have to say?
 1. Go custom
Stop wearing the same old thing that thousand other women are going to wear and let’s be real! There’s at least one thing in your every dress that could have been better. Why not get a perfect one now? Custom party wear kurtis are trending these days, and there are plenty of options where you can get such kurtis. I  will leave the name of my favorite one at the end of this post. Design it yourself and wear a truly unique piece for once.
2. Pick independent designers
Instead of taking those big designer labels, go for small local designers that offer products at exceptionally low prices. It’s a new way to buy designer party wear kurtis but not pay as much price as you would have to while the purchase of a famous (mostly overrated) designer label.
3. Experiment with high-low and c-cut kurtis
These are the two most popular designs when it comes to party wear kurtis online. High-low kurtis are those where the back side is longer than the front side, and these are seriously a blessing for women with heavy hips. C-cut kurtis are, well, c shaped at the bottom. Both the designs are too hot to be ignored but don’t just pick any piece. Choose a piece that’s a bit different than the usual ones. Search for latest party wear trends and then mix those with these two kurti designs. And that’s how you innovate!
4. Be comfortable
Every innovation happens because someone decides to be more comfortable at something than one already was. You need to imply this to your fashion sense. The dress that doesn’t make you at ease will never look good on you, unless you belong to those set of women who wear cheap low-quality and extremely uncomfortable heels and still manage to smile and say they love heels.
5. Experiment with embroideries
Embroideries are not new but over time, people certainly forgot about the traditional Indian embroideries that look fabulous. How do you think the designer Ritu Kumar gained the fame? By focusing on traditional Indian art of cloth designing!
There you go! I taught you how to bring innovation to your daily style, especially the party wear kurtis online shopping you love wearing. My favorite custom kurti designer brand? Yoko24!