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You may have read a lot about how to shop for best party wear kurtis online. The shopping tips & tricks, best online shopping destinations, and best trends are the information you can find everywhere. Amongst all that information, you will find some shallow pieces written by people with no knowledge of fashion or how a dress must be chosen. The wrong piece of advice is worse than no advice. 

I am here to try and list such stupidest suggestions I have come across the internet in the past few days. So, here they are.  

Stupidest suggestions to shop for party wear kurtis online

1. Shop for designer party wear kurtis online 
Why would you want a designer party wear kurti for every party? I mean it could just be a small kitty party where your mom is dragging you to for no particular reason. Why would you spend on a designer dress for a kitty party, unless you have way too much money to dump like that? If you do have that much of money, why are you even reading this? Hire a personal fashion adviser instead!  
Shop only according to the occasion. You don’t need designer party wear kurtis. Sometimes, solid colored plain kurtis suit the occasion best. Just think about the occasion, it’s importance and then shop for party wear kurtis online accordingly. 

2. Women with heavy bust should go for heavy embroidery 
No. It will just look way too awkward. I am not body shaming anyone. I would love it if you’re proud of your body structure but why make it look weird? Imagine having a big tummy and someone suggesting you to stuff a small pillow case over it just to “look good”! How in the world will that make you look good? I just read someone suggesting that you should wear heavily online kurtis india if you have a big bust. You should never do that. Go for v-shaped necklines that have no to minimal embellishments on it.

Shopping for party wear kurtis online according to your body type is a must as this is not a situation where you will try a dress and see how you look. You need to be smart and pick the clothes that will naturally suit you.

3. Wear tight-fitted clothes in summer 

That’s another dumb advice someone dared to write in a fashion advice piece over the internet. Like did you ever listen to your mom that you need to wear slightly loose and breathable fabric in summer? In India, summer is way too hot to handle and wearing tight clothes isn’t an option.

Tight-fitted clothes – go for them only if you have no other choice. Else skip and opt for comfortable clothes instead. For more real and sensible fashion advice, read from good sources like


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