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Embroidered kurti online is a commonly available product, but shopping for the correct piece is a tough task. Usually, when you go to a local store for shopping, you get the expertise of salespersons who have been working since years in the clothing industry, and it never happens that you’re sold a product which isn’t well enough to be stitched and worn. 

But when it comes to embroidered kurti online, chances are you will end up with a piece that doesn’t look like it did in the picture, the design isn’t perfect, and the fabric is beyond low quality. 

If you’re online shopping dress, let me help you with a few tips and tricks to shopping better.

1. Check the fabric: When shopping for an embroidered kurti online, be careful about the fabric of the kurti. Certain embroideries just don't work on certain materials. For example, chikankari embroidery suits only soft fabrics like muslin, cotton, silk, etc. Fabrics like low-quality georgette wouldn’t last long. So, check the kind of embroidery the dress has and what fabric it is. 

2. Buy from trusted sellers: Either buy embroidered kurti online through a proper website or if you’re buying from a marketplace like Amazon, check the reviews of the seller. Only a trusted seller will be able to sell you products good enough to wear. There are so many complaints by online buyers about how products completely do not match the description or pictures. Be careful not to fall prey to them.

3. Cost:  Don’t always go for the lowest price. Some embroidery is costly. Handmade embellishments or customized embroidery designs take a lot of manpower and skill and hence, the cost for those is legible. Some brands sell simple everyday dresses at exorbitant prices, but the brands that sell traditional Indian embroideries often charge just for the hard work done on the dress. For example, Yoko24 provides customized embroidered kurti online. Each kurti is prepared on request and then shipped. The cost of preparation naturally shoots up due to the skilled work. Check what are you being charged for and then look carefully to see if it’s worth it. Act like an informed shopper, not a cheap shopper. 

4. Beware of the fakes: A lot of online sellers deal with fake embroideries. For example, chikankari embroidery is beautiful handmade traditional embroidery, and several online sellers pass off a machine designed embroidered kurti online as an original chikankari. Beware of such fake sellers. Doing real research is, therefore, necessary.

I hope you found these tips helpful and implement these while shopping for an embroidered kurti online. Feel free to ask more questions if you have regarding the subject.


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