Latest Kurti Design
Are you wondering how the fashion gurus on Youtube and blogs figure out the most recent trends? Are you trying to figure out how to be amongst the first few ones to wear that latest kurti design? It’ll hit the market soon, but you wish you could know about it before everybody is wearing it.
Girls are competitive! For us, something as small as being the first one to bring a latest kurti design in college matters. If you’re one of those girls, here are few tips I implied to upgrade my fashion knowledge.
1. Follow the fashion weeks
All those latest trends are mostly inspired from fashion weeks. You need to make a calendar of all the related fashion weeks and then observe the patterns in the photos. If you’re looking for a latest kurti design, your work doubles. You have to follow all the international fashion weeks as well as Indian fashion weeks. What? Do you think that hot off-shoulder style is something Indian designers came up with? No. They picked it up from the international trends. So, should you.
2. Subscribe to blogs and magazines
If you’re truly passionate about knowing a latest designer kurtis online before your rivals at college do, you need to study. Follow fashion magazines like Vogue and follow all the good fashion bloggers you can find. Don’t give that random excuse of “I am not the reading type”. No one is asking you to read. Just skim and observe the pictures.
3. Go to the clothing stores and look for the fresh stock
Just by observing what’s hitting the shelves, you can get a lot of style inspiration. I have figured out about the coming of off-shoulder trend just by doing that, and I was lucky enough to use that pattern in my ethnic wear a little before everyone else at my college did. So, every Sunday go for window shopping. Check out every piece in the fresh stock shamelessly and never be ashamed of being a window shopper. You’re doing research. Be proud of it.
4. Go custom
Here’s another way to get your hands on a latest kurti design – MAKE ONE YOURSELF. With customized clothes easily available online, you just need to think of design, place an order and get that piece on your doorstep.
It’s such a fantastic concept as it lets your imagination fly and doesn’t burn your pocket. Try this way of locating a latest kurti design for sure. is a good place to start. 
There you go! You have four secret ways to have a latest kurti design in your closet. It’s secret because I swear I haven’t shared these tips anywhere. These come from lots of fashion related talks with the besties. Let me know if these helped.


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