Embroidered Kurtis
Buying kurtis for girls can be a hectic process. Most of the teenage girls care a lot about how they look and a lot of them just hate body image problems. You don’t want to add unnecessary tension to their life or gift them something that they’ll never wear.
It’s good that you decided to do some research on shopping properly for kurtis for girls before actually buying something. One of the most important things is to pick something according to their body type.
Apple body type
An apple body type is the one when someone has a thick waist but thin legs. Women with such a body type should wear V-shaped kurtis and belts. They should also pick short kurtis to draw attention towards their thing legs. Dark colors will suit them the best, and it’s good not to pick Patiala bottoms and mandarin collars for them. Cotton is the best fabric for apple body type.
Pear body type
Most of the Indian women have a pear shaped body. If you’re shopping party wear kurtis online, but do not know about the body type for whom you’re shopping, follow this point.
Pear shaped body is the one where the bottom part of the body is heavier than the top. Therefore, the focus should be on bringing the attention to the upper part of the body. Different types of collars like mandarin, boat-neck, etc. will be best, and A-line kurtis for girls are the best friends of pear body shape women. Try not to wear printed bottoms and skin-tight kurtis.
Inverted triangle body type
It’s just the opposite of pear shaped body type, and obviously, the tips will be just the reverse of what you read in point two. Plain kurtis, embroidered leggings, and solid colors suit this body type the best. Avoid bulky work on the neckline.
Rectangle body type
It’s the body type with no curves, and therefore, the focus is on creating a curvy look.
Bring on the frock style and flared kurtis and sleeveless kurtis for girls with body type are very much recommended. Light colors suit this body type the best and girls with this body type must avoid skin tight kurtis.
Hourglass body type
It’s considered the best shape with a perfect upper and lower body and slim waist. For this body type, well-fitted dresses are the best. A loose-fitted party wear kurtis will hide away all the curves and is not recommended. Belts, various patterns of kurtis and tight bottoms go perfectly with this.
There you go! That’s how you can shop for kurtis for girls according to the body type. I hope you liked reading the post and will use it while you shop for kurtis next time. Here’s my favorite shopping destination for customized embroidered kurtis – Yoko24.com Check it out!


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