With the rising demand of party wear kurtis online, the e-commerce portals have introduced a varied range of kurti designs to accommodate the needs of the customers. Almost all the e-commerce shopping portals now sell party wear kurtis, and they’re doing exceptionally well. However, there’s one kurti style that has been put in the backseat.

It’s the embroidered kurtis. If you search for party wear kurtis online, you will find tremendous results but embroidered kurtis are often overshadowed with those amazing prints or machine designs that are far from traditional Indian embroideries.

All of this arises a somber question that while the trend of kurtis is rising day by day, why is that the traditional Indian embroideries are being ignored. Undoubtedly, some amazing Indian fashion designers working to bring out these fantastic Indian art forms but how much affect it has had on commercial sales of such designs?

Party wear kurtis online sell like hot cakes but only when they are sold at rock bottom prices. These kurtis either compromise on the quality of fabric or on the design itself. A person cannot even imagine looking for traditional embroidery on a product being sold on any leading fashion retailer online.

The primary reason behind all of this seems to be the cost factor. A traditional embroidered kurti just cannot compete with the exceptionally-low prices of bulk-produced print kurtis. Each kurti has to be produced one by one, and it takes a lot of time investment and manpower. It apparently shoots the rates of the final product high. 

When regular customer shops for party wear kurtis online, he would compare the price and then, shop. He wouldn’t be able to appreciate the traditional art form that comes in that costlier kurti but is gorgeous in real and also signifies the right India. How many e-commerce portals are spending enough time to highlight such uniqueness of some party wear kurtis online?

There are certainly a few like Yoko24, but there are much more that just ignore. It’s time that we start talking about the things that exist and matter. Instead of ignoring them and waiting for someone else to notice, it could be you who starts this chain of appreciating the rich Indian art forms and promoting them. 

It is certain that once people start striving in this direction, the problem of affordability and return on investment would be sorted out. All one requires is enough awareness and information.


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