Embroidered dress material
Embroidered dress material is often one of the most prized possessions in a woman’s wardrobe. There are many kinds, and each kind has a special sentimental value to it. Some dresses come as the part of the woman’s wedding trousseau, and some are just the ones she adores. It’ll be a pain to see them get ruined after the first wash. Won’t it be?
How not to ruin embroidered dress material while washing?
You’ll need to follow the following instructions
1. Do the color fastness test
If you have never washed the embroidered dress material before, you must do the test. It’s easy and crucial. And I can say that from my personal experience. My mom got me a great piece of nightwear last month, and it has this beautiful lace embroidery all around the neck and arm holes. I was delighted until I washed it. The color of the lace came off and was all over the nightwear fabric. I can’t wear it anymore.
It happens if you forget to do the test. So, grab a small piece of white cloth, dampen it and rub lightly over the embroidery. If the color comes off, it implies that the material isn’t safe to wash. You must get it dry-cleaned. If it doesn’t, keep reading
2. Washing instructions for embroidered dress material
You should always wash embroidered clothes in cold water. Handwash is highly recommended as embroidery can be soft. Oh! Don’t try to clean clothes with golden or silver thread embroidery. They’re meant for dry-cleaning only. It’s also a wise idea to check manufacturer’s instructions before washing an embroidered dress material.
So, if you end up washing the cloth with hand, dip it cold water along with detergent for some time and then slightly rub the cloth to get rid of the dirt. Use plenty of water to remove the detergent from the fabric. If you let it stay even a bit, it will ruin the material.
If you want to go for machine wash, do it on soft settings and ensure the detergent comes off the cloth properly.
3. Drying and storage instructions
Don’t wring. Rather let the fabric dry in the shade or place it on a piece of white towel and let it soak the wetness. Embroidered dress material also needs careful storage. You can fold it & put it in your cupboard. But don’t put too much weight on it. Also, while ironing, don’t iron on the embroidered side. Rather iron from the backside. You can use steam setting to get rid of wrinkles, but do it all on the backside of the material.
4. After-purchase care
Party wear kurtis online are readily available and hence, women mostly look for the design. What they don’t check is the care instructions. It costs them a lot in the long run. Think about it! If you handwash a kurti meant for dry-cleaning, you will ruin the dress after the first wash and won’t be able to wear it then onwards. On the other hand, it’s not feasible to get daily wear kurtis dry-cleaned. It will become too costly. All such situational facts affect buying decisions, and real buyers let them do it.
That’s how you can wash and take care of embroidered dress material. For best kind of embroidered dresses, visit Yoko24. They provide custom embroidered kurtis that you will love.


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